Sports fans care a lot about where they sit at a ballgame. It’s a big deal. Huge.

A ticket not only gets you past the gates, it takes you to your home for the game, your view of the action, your personal fan experience. Just like Angels fans, all Big A seating options are not the same and each part of the stadium has its own individual quirks and perks. Angels fans have strong opinions about their team on the field, but they also have a lot to say about the best place to sit in the stands.

In my humble opinion, one of the best ways to enjoy an Angels game is to get away from it all. Really, really far away.

Upper View Seats at Angels Stadium


Upper View: Sec 501, Row Q, Seat 1

Some may call these the cheap seats. The Nosebleeds. The Bob Uecker Specials.

It’s true that Upper View Seats may not seem like the best seats in the house, but I beg to differ. Sitting in the upper atmosphere has its advantages. Upper View Seats at Angels Stadium┬áPROS:

1. Exercise

Forget the stairmaster for the day…After climbing these babies you’re golden. Not to mention the ramps you need to ascend to even get to the View Level.

2. Privacy

You really do feel like you’re in our own private Tree House up here..It definitely gives you a unique perspective of the game. You just might want to bring binoculars. Happily, there’s no one behind you to spill their beer.

3. Above it All

You can see the entire field, almost like the blimp pilot… and the view of the evening sky is awesome. Plus, if you’re feeling insecure, you can look down on everyone in the stadium. Of course, these seats come with a few challenges as well.

Image 003


1. Hungry and Thirsty

Vendors are Scarce At least one, kind vendor bravely offered to sell me a churro. I felt so bad for him that I met him halfway.

2. No Souvenir Balls

No Chance for a Home Run With the excellent view of the foul pole, you’ll be the first to know if it’s a home run. Unfortunately, you’re too high to catch it. And forget about the T-shirt gun from the Strike Force.

3. Nosebleeds

These seats are VERY far from the action……duh.

Cheap Seats at Angels Stadium

Obviously you miss a lot of the finesse plays and you certainly won’t be able to argue balls or strikes. At $15 per ticket, Upper View seats are a cost-effective choice. And truly, how can anyone complain about these seats anyway….YOU’RE AT A BASEBALL GAME!!

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